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Events(?) etc.

Post by Isguros on Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:11 pm

Starting next week I'd like to begin the highly anticipated series of events here on PWO.
So without further ado I present to you what I've come up with:

This would be your average hunting party:

  • Once every other week.
  • A week long.
  • Searching for one kind of (non-Shiny) Pokemon at a time.
  • Best IVs wins.

I don't think there should be a prize attached to this kind of an event other then eternal glory, the right to call yourself the champion for (at least the next two weeks) and the right to choose the next Pokemon to hunt.

This event will alternate with the Hunting Happenings so that there's something to do all the time.
It's "nearly identical" to the first one, but this time you have to use a fishing rod to encounter Pokemon!  Shocked
The other rules are pretty much the same, but in some occasions there might be a need to select a specified map to hunt in, so that people won't be able to use the surfboard in order to find Pokemon.

And finally a Random Battle tournament Exclamation :

  • Once every month.
  • A weekend long.
  • Open for everybody, even those who aren't guild members (the more the merrier, am I right?).
  • A relatively small entry fee to cover the prize money.
  • A best of 5 tournament bracket to reduce RNG unfairness.

Again; This is what I've come up with. If any of you want to change/add/subtract some stuff: let me know, I'm happy to hear what you're all thinking. If not, I'd also like to get suggestions for our first Pokemon to hunt.

P.S.: I'd also like to make a regular Pokemon tournament, but something like that has to be fun for both beginning and veteran trainers, hence I want to know your opinions on the matter.

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