[Concluded] Hunting Happenings 3 - Ditto | Winner: David9741

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[Concluded] Hunting Happenings 3 - Ditto | Winner: David9741

Post by Isguros on Mon Aug 22, 2016 3:10 am

I don't know how y'all felt about it, but this week's hunt felt really relaxed to me. Not a lot of pressure, No unproportional competitiveness: just a grand time Smile
Still a lot of you have searched their ass off to find the best ditto out there, and because of Ditto's ability to copy most stats of the opponent, most of y'all have succeeded in doing so, but there can only be one winner in a relatively small event like this, and that winner is:
He caught a Ditto with a combined IV of 135 at the start of this event and that hasn't been duplicated throughout the week.
And one last thing: I know I didn't really mention is, but after last week's enormous prize pool, I felt like I had to give the winner at least something, so congratulations again with the win and you're now a (proud) owner of a Togepi and a Protect TM.

This week it was Totenliste's turn (because he won our last hunt) to decide what Pokemon we should hunt. Because so many people tried to persuade him in choosing a certain Pokemon, and Totenliste couldn't choose all of them, he decided to go with all of them. That's why this week we will be hunting the super adorable:

The Transform Pokemon, Ditto!
Ditto can be found on numerous places across both Johto and Kanto, but the least difficult places would be Route 35 and the Cerulean Cave.

Once again, here are the rules again:

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Re: [Concluded] Hunting Happenings 3 - Ditto | Winner: David9741

Post by BogranTheShadow on Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:05 pm

Which are the prizes?


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