[Canceled] R3vo Random Rumble

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[Canceled] R3vo Random Rumble

Post by Isguros on Thu Sep 29, 2016 5:55 pm

Due to lack of interest at this particular moment, I have decided to cancel this event for now. It will probably be recycled in the future, so fret not.

Starting soon (hopefully Friday October 7th) we're going to have our fist Random Battle tournament!

How does it work:
Most likely we'll end up having two tournament brackets (to accommodate the difference in time zones between players) in which the winner advances to the next round after defeating their direct opponent in a best-of-three (first to acquire two wins) Until there are two participants of each bracket left. Each of those four players will battle the other three once (again in a best-of-three match), and player with the most wins at the end will be declared the winner!

Prizes and Prices:
In order to finance this event, and to make it a little interesting; there will be a (relatively) small entry fee (50k at most(the actual amount will be based upon the number of participants)). The winner of the tournament will walk away with 60% of all the entry fees, the player that came in second will get 30%, and even the third place will get 10% of the prize pool.

What do I have to do:
If you're interested in participating: please tell us the times on which you're most likely active (in UTC), so that you'll be placed in the proper bracket, before Wednesday October 5th. You can do this either by posting a reply on this topic, or (if for some reason you don't want to make an account to this forum) you can send me a PM on the PWO forum as well.


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