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Triple Tracking

Post by Isguros on Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:44 pm

Monday January 30th we're going to start a brand new event... well, sorta.
To those players who have been part of this guild a bit longer, or those who've looked around this forum a bit this might look a bit familiar. This new Triple Tracking event is indeed another hunting event, but slightly different [Insert ''Hey can I copy your event?' 'Yeah, just change it a little so no one notices'' meme]: during this event we're not going to hunt just one Pokemon; we're going to hunt three different Pokemon of your own choosing (again, sorta), cause more hunting equals more fun Very Happy.

At the end of the event you want to have caught three different Pokemon:
  • Consisting of a Tier 2, a Tier 3, and a Tier 4 Pokemon.
  • They all must be caught in different locations. You can't enter two Pokemon both caught in the same location.

As well as the usual:
  • The event ends probably ends Sunday February 5th-ish (I might extend it if necessary).
  • The Pokemon must be caught during the time frame of the event.
  • Only Pokemon of the non-shiny variety are able to participate.
  • The Pokemon with the highest IV sum (after calculations) wins.
  • In event of a tie; the person with the best IV'd Tier 4 Pokemon wins.

If you've read up to this point you've probably noticed the "calculations" part, and if not you're probably still wondering how your Pokemon are going to get graded in a way that makes it fair and equal to everyone. Well, this is what I came up with:
The Tier 2 Pokemon's total IVs will be multiplied by 1
The Tier 3 Pokemon's total IVs will be multiplied by 1.15
The Tier 4 Pokemon's total IVs will be multiplied by 1.20

Someone caught a Tier 2 Pokemon with an IV total of 128 (128x1=128), a Tier 3 Pokemon with 114 IVs (114x1.15=131.1), and finally a Tier 4 Pokemon that has 105 cumulative IVs (105x1.20=126). Which adds up to a grand score of 385.1.

Prizes will be disclosed later on.

That will be it, for now. Happy hunting!


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