[Concluded] Hunting Happenings 1 - Miltank | Winner: iiMaxx

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[Concluded] Hunting Happenings 1 - Miltank | Winner: iiMaxx

Post by Isguros on Mon Jun 13, 2016 5:43 am

After a week of hunting Miltank, one person has ascended far above all of us. This person caught a Miltank with a grand total of 123 IVs! All of us have tried, but no one has even come close to this immense achievement. Hereby I congratulate thee, our first ever Hunting Happenings Champion:

Just 24-hours until the deadline at 12:00PM UTC tomorrow afternoon!
I'd like for you to PM me on this forum (harharhar, now you have to make an account on here  Twisted Evil ) with the details of the Pokemon you'd like to enter the contest.
If you all can manage to send it (just) before the deadline; I can share the results as soon as possible.

Today marks the kick-off of the first ever Hunting Happenings, Yay!

And the first Pokemon we're going to hunt for is, drum roll please........:

The Milk Cow Pokemon, Miltank!
This Pokemon resides on Route 38 and Route 39 so I hope to see you there this coming week

Just to be that guy, here are the rules again:

  • This event is a week long and ends Sunday June 19th at noon (12:00PM) server time.
  • The Miltank must be caught during the time frame of the event.
  • Only Miltanks of the non-shiny variety are able to participate.
  • The Miltank with the highest IV sum wins
  • In the event of a tie; a vote will be held to determine the winner.

Blablabla.. this is just standard stuff, right?

Let the best hunter win, but above all: have fun!

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