[Concluded] Fishing Frolics 1 - Staryu | Winner: xXDeadpoolXx

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[Concluded] Fishing Frolics 1 - Staryu | Winner: xXDeadpoolXx

Post by Isguros on Mon Jun 20, 2016 4:52 am

Seven days, it has been seven days since the start of our Staryu hunt, and some people did in fact have a high enough fishing level to participate!
And because only a few elite fishermen and -women were able to catch those dreaded star-shaped Pokemon, the more praise the winner should receive.
All hail the winner of the first Fishing Frolics: xXDeadpoolXx (but don't tell him, cause he didn't want to know)
He caught a Staryu with an amazing total of 114! IVs! Hooray!
Because of that we now have to refer to him as the 'fishing champion' until the next Fishing Frolics when we'll hunt/fish for a Pokemon of his choosing.

P.S. If I made a mistake regarding any of the above said information; hit me up and yell at me until I've corrected it.

One event has come to past and another is to begin.
Running after wild animals is fine and all, but nothing beats sitting on a beach waiting for the fish to bite.
That's why we're going to spend this week looking for:.....

The Star Shape Pokemon, Staryu!
Be aware; Staryu requires a fishing level of 30 to catch, I'm sorry for this inconvenience
This Pokemon can be caught in numerous places, but the easiest would be Cianwood City (We won't do Safaris Evil or Very Mad . I'm from Holland; I'm cheap AF!).

Just to be that guy, here are the rules again:

  • This event is a week long and ends Sunday June 26th-ish.
  • The Staryu must be caught during the time frame of the event at the specified map.
  • Only Staryu of the non-shiny variety are able to participate.
  • The Staryu with the highest IV sum wins.
  • A screenshot of the winning Pokemon will need to be submitted as proof of authenticity.
  • In the event of a tie; a vote will be held to determine the winner.

Again, this is Events 101.

Let's go and fish, fish, fish!
Level 40 here we come!

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Re: [Concluded] Fishing Frolics 1 - Staryu | Winner: xXDeadpoolXx

Post by xXDeadpoolXx on Wed Jun 22, 2016 3:46 am

I like ur presentation isg Smile


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