[Concluded] Fishing Frolics 2 - Corsola | Winner: MechaGrizz

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[Concluded] Fishing Frolics 2 - Corsola | Winner: MechaGrizz

Post by Isguros on Mon Jul 18, 2016 1:50 pm

While everybody is still hunting Skitty, our Corsola hunt has concluded.
A lot of Corsola have been caught, with mixed feelings here and there.
One person definitely won't have mixed feelings, and that's the winner of course.

Not only did they catch a Corsola with an incredible 156 total IVs, which was probable the best Corsola (shiny and non-shiny) I've ever seen, they also won a shiny Tentacruel (donated by w00t)
So congratulations to MechaGrizz, our new champion!

Hit me up in-game to collect your prize.

This week we don't have just one, but two events, so check the signature making event out as well.
Anywho; it's been a while since we've been fishing, so let's give it another shot!
Seeing that xXDeadpoolXx left our fantastic guild after winning the last Fishing Frolics we (I refer to myself as 'we', so that it looks like you guys are important as well) decided to hunt for this Pokemon next:

The Coral Pokemon, Corsola!
Corsola can be caught in multiple places, but it's easiest to catch on Route 41!

This week, the winner will get something special as well:

A big thanks to w00t for supplying this prize!

Just to be that guy, here are the rules again:

  • This event is a week long and ends Sunday July 24th-ish.
  • The Corsola must be caught during the time frame of the event.
  • Only Corsola of the non-shiny variety are able to participate.
  • The Corsola with the highest IV sum wins.
  • In the event of a tie; a vote will be held to determine the winner.

Again, this is Events 101.

Let's go and fish, fish, fish!
Level 40 here we come!


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